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Are you looking to add some exciting new features to your PikaShow experience? If the answer is yes, then PikaShow v86 is exactly what you need to elevate your entertainment. Designed with user comfort and convenience in mind, this app offers a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs right from the comfort of your home. Enjoy a wide range of content including Hollywood and Bollywood movies, drama series, the latest news updates, live TV shows, children's cartoons, and much more.

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The most popular Google search phrase is "Pikashow APK Download" In India, a streaming service called Pikashow is accessible. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Pikashow is one of the top 10 most downloaded applications on the Play Store and has amazing specs. The original app is available to users with a paid subscription. However, a seven-day trial of the original software is available if you want it for free. Customers can purchase memberships on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis at varying prices.


What is Pikashow and How Does it Operate?

Millions of users download this app on a famous streaming service. This program offers a variety of entertainment options. For Indian consumers, the developer created this incredible internet streaming service. They can use iOS or Android to run this service. Almost every type of entertainment is available on this one app, as soon as you open it. PikaShow claims to offer a variety of engaging content in one location. Users may locate all of their favourite TV and entertainment stuff on a single app. You don't have to install many channel applications on your smartphone one after the other.

Additionally, the Pikashow APK service offers premium features including sideline characteristics, screen customization, and the highest quality material. Additionally, you have the option to download any content with only one click. With APK, users can now get Chromecast and subtitle services. This updated version of the streaming app has the same user interface as the original. Finally, this streaming service functions well on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Almost 500+ live Hollywood and Bollywood channels are available for anybody to view. You get access to live news and sports stations, among others. Additionally, this Internet streaming service provides customers with access to their on-demand entertainment material. Your preferred entertainment content is readily available on this streaming service. You only need to enter the name to view the outcome.

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PikaShow's features

PikaShow's distinct characteristics set it apart from other streaming platforms. PikaShow offers an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anybody to utilise. This service is accessible to users without the need for technological expertise. The version of this programme with premium features is offered to long-term customers. Yet, the seven-day trial period is available for free for members. For further information, therefore, please visit the official PikaShow page. The following are some of the features and specs of PikaShow:

PikaShow Streaming Movies

Thousands of films from international film studios across many genres are available for streaming on the PikaShow platform. You may watch Tamil, Hollywood, Bollywood, and a lot of other movies. In addition, the app receives regular updates and new movie additions. People can view films in a variety of categories. Thus, PikaShow offers a variety of movie categories on this streaming platform. With this app, users may view mystery, horror, comedy, action, and drama films. The following provides explanations for a few of the following genres:



Bollywood offers a selection of Indian motion pictures. Under this category, users can view any kind of Indian movie.


Hollywood films are a true delight for PikaShow viewers. It is among the best features of the PikaShow application.


You may watch Tollywood films in this category, which has been updated lately.


Users may, surprisingly, view Tollywood-style Pakistani films. There are just so many films available, though.

Indians from South Africa

South Indian films are very well-known on the Internet. People adore viewing these films. The PikaShow App offers a selection of South Indian films that have been updated.

Combine Collections

Additionally, users get access to a variety of international movie streaming services, including those from China, Saudi Arabia, France, and other nations.

Channels for Live TV

With the PikaShow app, users may access nearly all of the well-known channels. There are no limits on the channels you can view from other countries or the local cable network. PikaShow is a fantastic option for viewing these channels, thus. Users in India may also view around 500 live TV stations. PikaShow broadcasts are available for viewing anywhere in India and other nations. The renowned TV networks are accessible through the PikaShow app. They are as follows:


Sun Television

Users may watch the news, dramas, and other programs on Sun TV. You may watch every broadcast on PikaShow.

Star Maa

PikaShow is a beautiful streaming service that offers Star Maa programs and shows.

Star Plus

One of the most-watched TV networks in India is Star Plus. It has opinions in other nations as well. With PikaShow, you may view your favourite material on this well-known channel.

Colors TV

Another well-known channel worldwide is Colours TV. Thus, PikaShow offers access to this channel as well.


Another movie channel where you may watch Indian movies on PikaShow TV around the clock is Goldmines.

A List of Currently Airing Programmes

With the aid of the PikaShow app, customers may view on-demand entertainment in place of live TV stations and films. For example, you get on-demand access to dramas, news, sports, business, history, and fashion shows.


PikaShow is a streaming service that lets consumers view all of the aforementioned stuff whenever they want. You may also view the highlights and synopsis of the previously mentioned information. This streaming app offers the following material that may be viewed on demand.

News & Updates

Users of the PikaShow live streaming service can view a distinct category of all available on-demand news. You may watch sports, as well as national and international news, in this area.


This app also has a history channel area for users to enjoy. With this streaming app, you may watch several history channels, like History TV and National Geographic.


PikaShow offers a wide range of programming, including business. With this app, you may watch practically all well-known business channels.


Fashion PikaShaow is among the greatest sites to view content on fashion if you're a fashion enthusiast. The most recent fashion news on global fashion is available for viewing. On this site, you may also view other fashion channels.


With the pikaShow app, you may view all of the well-known Indian drama networks. A search bar makes it simple for users to locate their preferred shows. The drama's name must be entered into the search field for the result to show on the screen.

Sports Live Streaming

With a vast selection of sports channels, PikaShow also offers sports channel streaming services. There are barely five or seven sports channels available on the local cable network. However, PikaShow has 100 sports channels covering various sports and nations. It is possible to view sports channels without any limitations thanks to PikaShow. Additionally, the on-action demand area offers you the opportunity to view the highlights of prior matches.



Regretfully, streaming sites hardly ever carry live hockey broadcasts. You may watch these sports live on PikaShow Premium by using this app. On this portal, hockey tournaments may also be watched.

Automobile Racing

Would you want to see live racing? A selection of racing games is offered by PikaShow. You can watch racing networks, Formula 1, MotoGP, and other vehicle and motorsport channels.


Worldwide, cricket is the second most popular game that people wish to watch. Thus, to view live cricket channels on your smartphone, PikaShow is necessary. Users of this streaming service may get top-notch cricket stations.


PikaShow offers a huge selection of football-related sports material. The champion leagues, premium leagues, and finals are all available to view. Nearly all well-known football sports channels are available to watch on PikaShow.


With the PikaShow app, you can watch WWE 24/ 7. It allows you to view the highest quality WWE programming available on this platform.

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PikaShow | OTT Channels

It is among the special features of the PikaShow streaming application. mainly because most streaming providers do not allow you to access any kind of OTT, you will have direct access to all of the well-known OTTs, like Netflix, Ullu, voot, and many more, with the aid of PikaShow. Users can avoid paying the fees associated with all of these platforms in this way. Thus, you have access to this platform through PikaShow.


Disney+ Hotstar

PikaShow provides access to Disney and Hotstar for sports fans.


It's too expensive to subscribe to Voot. However, PikaShow offers the option to see it without charge.


Netflix programming is accessible to all premium customers through the PikaShow online streaming service.

Prime Video on Amazon

Members of PikaShow Premium have free access to Amazon Prime video content.


You may also access a well-known adult video channel in India using the PikaShow platform.

Other Excellent PikaShow Features

Other noteworthy aspects of the PikaShow streaming service include the following:

Downloading with only one click

One of the best things about streaming services is that you may click to download the accessible content. You are unable to download any live streaming from this app, though. In the on-demand area, you may look for your favourite material by searching for it. Additionally, PikaShow offers an easy downloader that you may utilize. With the aid of the PikaShow app, you may download any type of entertainment. To download your preferred content, navigate to the download section of the screen, choose it, and click to download.

Linked Video Player

You may play videos into the several accessible video players inside the PikaShow. Users can use the available stunning players to play any video. These video players are MP3, MP4, MX player, F4V, and SWF. All these options appear on the screen when you are going to download any video from this streaming service. Further, it allows the users to play two or more videos at a time.

Chromecast Option

You may see the content on a smart TV by using the Pikshow app on an iPhone or Android device. Select the Chromecast functionality to use this service. You can use this option and watch your favourite entertainment programs on your big screen.

Supported Subtitles

Subtitle support is just another amazing feature of this streaming service. You may view any other show or your beloved movie in a variety of languages. Every video has a subtitle option that you can view and easily utilize. There will be about 10 inline subtitle platforms available to users.

Personalisation Video Quality

PikShow provides many settings for video quality. Users are free to choose anyone based on their preferences and internet speed. Making use of this capability and seeing any video quality.

Unrivalled Accessibility

Every piece of material that may be seen on PikaShow is safe and compliant. This app's developers included anti-ban and security measures. Users may therefore use the app anywhere in the globe, except in a few nations where it is restricted by geography. However, you will be in charge of everything about this edition of the PikaShow when you use the MOD version.

Several Languages Are Available

PikaShow offers the ability to see the content in many languages. The most recent version of PikaShow provides several national and international languages. You have the option to switch languages. English is the default language of PikaShow, but you can switch to any of the other languages that are supported.

Simple User Interface

This is a simple version of PikaShow for Android and iPhone, requiring only 15 MB of space. The streaming service is simple to use and intuitive for users. This software can be understood without the need for outside assistance.

App Name Pikashow APK
Version V86
Size 16.38 MB
Requires Android 4.5 and Above
Category Entertainment
Root Non
Downloads 999 M+
License Type Freeware
Last Updated 1 day ago

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Installing PikaShow Configuration and Downloading the App

Here is a comprehensive tutorial to help you download and install PikaShow on your Android smartphone. To access this streaming service on your device, simply follow these steps.

  • You may see the PikaShow file on your screen; click it to begin the download, which will take a little while.
  • Next, access the Security and Allow Unknown Sources settings on your phone. You will be able to install the program in this manner.
  • Find the PikaShow APK file by opening the download file on your phone.
  • When you click on it to install it, it will also obtain additional rights, such as gallery, camera, etc.
  • Finally, the app may be used now that the installation is finished.


Installing and Downloading the PikaShow Configuration on iOS

There is a slight variation in the download and installation process. You must adhere to the provided instructions if you wish to install the PikaShow APK on an iPhone.

  • You must first launch the App Store and look for the PikaShow app.
  • The outcome is visible to you on the screen. Choose the app and confirm it.
  • To download it, tap on it.
  • Once the installation and download are finished, you may utilize this software on your iOS device.

Installing and Downloading the PikaShow Configuration on a Laptop or Computer

Thus, to download the PikaShow APK to your device, you must use an Android emulator. To download the PikaShow APK to your device, simply follow the instructions provided.

  • You may download the Bluestacks emulator for your PC by going to their official website.
  • Open the emulator when it has finished downloading and installing.
  • Navigate to the Bluestacks emulator's Home Screen.
  • Use Google or the preloaded app to search.
  • Launch and install the PikaShow application.
  • The application is now operational after a short while.

Most Typical Errors in PikaShow Usage

These are the typical mistakes that might occur when using the application. They are as follows:

The Reason PikaShow Doesn't Work

In this case, you must remove the previous iteration of the program and reinstall the most recent PikaShow version.

Issues with PikaShow Login

You may fix this problem by keeping your Gmail account private and using it on a single device.

PikaShow Is Not Connecting To The Server

Users typically encounter this problem when using sports streaming services, which may be fixed by restarting the application.

Unable to Connect with PikaShow App

You can fix this problem by resetting your internet connection.

Concluding Words

And lastly, PikaShow is a fantastic streaming app. This service allows users to watch more than 500 channels and stream content online. You may view on-demand entertainment using it as well. This amazing software allows users to watch videos in high definition.


Is PikaShow a Streaming App That's Legal?

Although PikaShow is legitimate software, geographical limitations prevent it from being used in some nations. On the other hand, customers may access this streaming service by using a VPN.

How Can I Get Movies Off Of PikaShow?

Downloading movies or any other PikaShow content is easy. The movie will download if you launch it, press the three dots, and then select the download option.

Who is PikaShow's Owner?

Accurate information on the app's owner is not readily available. However, the streaming firm based in India owns this app. It is, however, a legitimate and safe app.